Software EGX PRO

Easy-to-use software included

The engraving machines are supplied with various software programs that allow you to use every aspect of your device.

Dr. Engrave

Dr. Engrave is a user-friendly program to engrave plates. It supports variable data, so you can engrave the same design on a series of plates with variable text or numbers. You can also engrave the space on the inside of a selected vector or text. The software can also detect the outline of an image and convert it to lines.
All Windows TrueType fonts can be used. Single-line fonts can be automatically generated using existing TrueType fonts. The software can draw rectangles, rounded rectangles, ellipses, circles, polygons and stars. You can also insert text and vectors and enter the desired width and dimensions.

3D Engrave

The 3D Engrave program can create reliefs and engrave them on curved surfaces. You can assign a specific thickness and profile to flat shapes, texts and designs to make them three-dimensional. You can also do this for images.
As soon as your 3D design is ready, you can calculate the tool paths. The engraving parameters are determined automatically as soon as you select the composition of the material and the specifications of the engraving tool.
The ‘surfacing’ function can also flatten the base material to facilitate 3D engraving.

Virtual MODELA

Virtual MODELA simulates the movements of the milling tool on the screen and allows you to visually check 3D models on the screen. The software accurately calculates the required production time. You can add light effects, material colours and bitmap images to make the simulation more realistic.


MODELA Player is a CAM software that operates on the basis of IGES, DXF and STL files from popular 3D CAD programs. The software is used to create proportional 3D models, to indicate the milling direction, and to generate tool paths.