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From circuit boards to coffin plates and virtually everything in between. The applications for digital engraving are vast and with Roland DG’s range of powerful benchtop and compact computer controlled devices it makes good commercial sense for businesses to produce engraving in-house:

engraving.pngDurable and tactile signage

Engraved signs offer unbeatable durability in even the toughest environments. Sign makers can also utilise a wide range of rigid materials, including metals and create impressive 3D results with V-carved engraving and profile cutting. It is easy and efficient to combine engraved effects with digital printing for unique, premium value results.

Computerised engraving offers an affordable method of incorporating braille and tactile signs into your portfolio of services.

engraving_2.pngIndustrial engraving and equipment manufacturing

Roland DG’s range of reliable and robust engraving machines, are ideal to meet the demanding and diverse needs of an industrial environment.

From asset tags and rating plates to control panels, valve tags and printed circuit boards, bringing engraving in-house saves money and reduces lead time.

Prototypes can be tested and modified quickly and cost-effectively.

Most engraving software manufacturers support the full range of Roland engraving machines, making it a smooth and painless transition for operators.

engraving_3.pngPersonalised trophies and awards

Quickly inscribe permanent designs and messages that will be cherished for years to come on a whole host of medals, trophy plates, plaques and acrylic blocks.

Roland DG offers compact engraving and impact imprinting solutions which are portable enough to take to events, which means recipients can walk away with their personalised award on the same day as their success.

With faster production and software capable of text merging and sequential numbering, what would have taken hours on a traditional pantograph, can now be completed in a fraction of the time. Roland DG engravers help you deliver on time to your clients, exceeding their expectation in quality and accuracy.

engraving_4.pngCoffin plates, memorial plaques and engraved keepsakes

Roland DG’s compact computerised engavers offer funeral directors the affordable production of coffin plates, grave markers, memorial plaques and engraved keepsakes. Computerised engraving will save you time, reduce errors and increase the quality of your results across a wide range of materials including wood, plastic and metal.


The Roland DG EGX-350 has been widely used in secondary schools worldwide in teaching STEM, particularly Design Technology. This affordable engraver benefits from an interlocked safety screen for safe operation, and is capable of engraving a wide range of materials, profile cutting plastics and wood, and producing printed circuit boards, engraving isolation tracks in copper-faced PCB sheets.

Premium personalised promotional goods and keepsakes

Diamond engraved metal gift items are in great demand, the bright finish offering a more attractive result over other methods such as laser marking. Combining ease of use and versatility, Roland DG’s computerised engravers and software make it quick work to personalise corporate gifts with text, logos or even photos.

engraving_5.pngPet tags and products

Roland DG’s compact, affordable and easy to use engravers are the ideal solution for producing pet tags, engraved collars, kennel and stable nameplates. Engrave photos of beloved pets into metal for an everlasting and cherished keepsake with the MPX series.