• Professional cutters

    The CAMM-1 PRO series is extremely reliable, versatile and user friendly. You can use the cutters to quickly cut stickers, vehicle graphics, window graphics, signs and stencils with razor-sharp accuracy.

  • Cutting prints

    The cutters are equipped with an optical detection system that recognises printed crop marks. Your printer can therefore create professional prints and then use your cutter to precisely cut the contours. This is a very convenient printing and cutting solution for people who already have a printer in their possession. Others benefit from a device that combines printing and cutting.

    The advantages of printing and cutting with a single device

  • A wide variety of media

    These devices can cut all conventional materials like vinyl, polyester, polyurethane and sandblasting foil. Thanks to the powerful motor and blade pressure, it also easily handles more robust materials like flex, flock, hard fluorescent and reflective vinyl.

  • Easy loading of material

    You can load the media rolls on the front as well as the back of the unit. The machine automatically positions the media. Apart from the standard media holder, you can also attach three optional roll holders to the base of the unit. Thus you can attach two rollers at the front, and at the back.

  • High ease of use

    Function buttons for frequently used applications such as blade force, cutting speed and the starting point, have been provided on the control panel of the device. The device also has eight presetting modules. You can use them to easily select specific settings.

  • Four models

    The CAMM-1 PRO series is available in four models, with different widths. The GX-300 is the smallest with a maximum media width of 91.5cm. The GX-400 can handle a material width of up to 117.8cm, and the GX-500 of up to 137.2cm. The GX-640 is our largest cutter. This unit can cut material up to 184.2cm. Choose the model that best suits your needs.

  • Perforated cutting

    GX-cutters can be used in combination with VersaWorks, the print management software of Roland DG. This software comes free with all printers. VersaWorks allows perforated cutting with your cutter. This means that you also cut the backing paper. This will enable you to make fully finished stickers.

  • Start right away with CutStudio software

    All Roland cutters are supplied with the CutStudio software. This allows you to quickly and easily enlarge, reduce, reposition, rotate and mirror images. You can also create simple designs, format text, and import images. The software is so user-friendly that no graphics training is required to achieve professional results.

    Find out more about CutStudio

  • « From large scale vehicle wrapping operations restyling commercial fleets through to signmakers looking to diversify into private or small-scale vehicle wrap jobs, Roland technology provides the quality you need. »

    Vehicle Wrapping

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  • Tips

    With CutStudio, you quickly and easily make designs and texts that your cutter can out.

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Specifications GX-640 GX-500 GX-400 GX-300
Mechanism / Driving method Friction feed / Digital control servo motor
Maximum cutting area Width: 1575 mm; EXTEND: 1626 mm; length: 24998 mm Width: 1195 mm, Length: 24998 mm Width: 1000 mm, Length: 24998 mm Width: 737 mm, Length: 24998 mm
Acceptable media widths 130-1842mm 90-1372mm 90-1178 50-915mm
Width of material that can be cut off 0 to 1651 mm  0 to 1270 mm 0 to 1067 mm 0 to 812 mm
Tools Special blade for CAMM-1 series
Maximum cutting speed During cutting: 850 mm/sec. (in all directions) During tool-up: 1202 mm/sec. (in 45°direction)
Cutting speed / Blade force 10 to 850 mm/sec. (in increments of 10 mm/sec.) / 20 to 350 gf
Mechanical resolution 0.0035 mm/step  0.0125 mm/step
Software resolution 0.025 mm/step
Distance accuracy (*1) Error of less than ± 0.2% of distance travelled, or 0.1 mm, whichever is greater
Repetition accuracy (*1) (*2) (*3) 0.1 mm or less
Interface Serial (RS-232C-compatible), USB (Rev 1.1)
Replot memory 2 MB (buffer size: 8 MB)
Power supply / Power consumption AC 100V to 240V ± 10% 50/60 Hz 1.2A / Approx. 100W AC 100V to 240V ±10% 50/60 Hz 1.1A / Approx. 95W
Dimensions with stand 2115 mm (W) x 727 mm (D) x 1113 mm (H) 1602 mm (W) x 727 mm (D) x 1113 mm (H) 1407 mm (W) x 727 mm (D) x 1113 mm (H) 1144 mm (W) x 727 mm (D) x 1113 mm (H)
Weight with stand 64 kg 55 kg 51 kg 44 kg
Included items Power cord, blade holder (XD-CH2), pin, blade, alignment tool, cable clamp, replacement blade for sheet cutter, USB cable, Roland software CD-ROM, setup guide, user's manual

*1 According to material and cutting conditions as specified by Roland DG Corp.
*2 Excluding stretching/contraction of the material
*3 Range for assured repetition accuracy: For materials with a width exceeding 610 mm: Length 4000 mm. For materials with a width of 610 mm or less : Length 8000 mm 


Included Software Roland CutStudio Roland CutStudio plug-in for Adobe® Illustrator® Roland CutStudio plug-in for CorelDRAW®
OS Windows® 7 (32/64 bit), Vista (Home premium/business 32 bit), XP (home edition/professional 32 bit) Windows®, Mac OS Windows® 
Application Software - Adobe® Illustrator ® CS2/CS3/CS4 CorelDRAW® X3/X4/X5

Blaes ZEC-U1715
Blade holders XD-CH2
Roll Hanger HS-640
Serial cable  XY-RS-34


Cutting knifes

Product code


Cuttable material



Compatible with



Normal cutting foil

Standard knife


CAMM-1 PRO, CAMM-1, STIKA, VersaCAMM, VersaUV, Soljet Pro III



Normal cutting foil

Is a standard accessory for all printers/ cutters and stand-alone cutting plotters.


CAMM-1 PRO, CAMM-1, STIKA, VersaCAMM, VersaUV, Soljet Pro III



Thick, reflective, fluorescent vinyl and normal cutting foil

Is a bit sharper than the ZEC-A1005, fit to cut thicker material. Excellent for cutting standard vinyl.


CAMM-1 PRO, CAMM-1, STIKA, VersaCAMM, VersaUV, Soljet Pro III



Reflective vinyl, cardboard, sanding foil, normal cutting foil

Has a sharper edge and can handle a larger offset. Is ideal to cut thicker material. Is the ideal knife for printers/ cutters and CAMM-1 PRO cutting plotters.


CAMM-1 PRO, CAMM-1, VersaCAMM, VersaUV, Soljet Pro III



Normal cutting foil

Thanks to its small offset, the knife is fit to cut very small letters.


CAMM-1 PRO, CAMM-1, VersaCAMM, VersaUV, Soljet Pro III