Number 1. That’s what we are. And that’s what you want to be. That’s why for more than 20 years, print professionals across the globe have chosen Roland DG; provider of the world’s number 1 print and cut solution*1.

No one else can offer you what we can when it comes to true print and cut, so choose TrueVIS to deliver an unbeatable service to your customers. No compromise.

True Versatility Without Compromise

Look around you. What do you want to create? The incredible versatility of Roland DG TrueVIS printer/cutters means there’s no compromise on what you can do.

With eco-solvent TrueVIS INK there’s no compromise on media choice, unlike some other print and cut solutions available on the market.

Glossy vibrant colours, plus a White ink*2 option for printing onto clear and dark substrates mean you won’t have to turn away jobs.

Print and cut retail signs and exhibition displays, window and wall graphics and murals, die-cut labels, outdoor banners and backlit displays, vehicle graphics, heat transfers for clothes and accessories and so much more – simply imagine the possibilities.

Discover the exciting applications which are possible with TrueVIS.

True Quality Without Compromise

You don’t have to choose between outstanding prints and amazing cut finishes with TrueVIS printer/cutters: you can have both in a single, easy-to-use device. That’s why more than 116,000 print service providers worldwide have chosen Roland’s integrated printer/cutters to power their businesses *3.

Specially formulated eco-solvent TrueVIS INK produces rich, vibrant colour, intense blacks and smooth gradations. Choose the widest colour gamut of CMYKLcLmLk plus White or dual CMYK *2 for maximum productivity. Printheads which fire precise and perfectly placed round ink droplets, faster than other printheads on the market, give your prints a new level of deep colours and smooth contrast.

Add powerful cutting technology and a host of compatible media, and you get a perfect, durable finish for your creative designs.

True Productivity Without Compromise

The best machines are those which work while you get on with other things. TrueVIS integrated printer/cutters do just that. Delivering true,
unattended productivity to power your business.

No waiting for warm-up. Fast, easy media loading. On-the-fly ink cartridge replacement. Remote control operation via your existing tablet or
smartphone, with a powerful and intuitive RIP to optimise your productivity.

TrueVIS means true integrated printing and contour cutting technology to produce a whole range of applications in one seamless workflow, with
one device.

True Return on Investment Without Compromise

Smart print professionals make smart business choices. Investing in a TrueVIS printer/cutter is THE smart choice to power your business.

‘Straight-out-of-the-box’ technology means you can start earning money with your TrueVIS from day one.

Free updates for life on Roland DG VersaWorks Dual RIP software are included with your TrueVIS printer/cutter. As are long-life printheads which
deliver ultimate ink efficiency and future-proof your investment.

With all this, plus the engineering, training and creative support provided by Roland DG, TrueVIS is an all-in-one package, now and for the future.

True Synergy Without Compromise

In an industry where time and money are key, you need your workflow to be as smooth as the prints coming out of your device. True synergy is the combination of TrueVIS INK, powerful VersaWorks Dual RIP software and your TrueVIS printer/cutter, developed specifically by Roland, for Roland, to work seamlessly together to optimise performance. It’s as simple as that.

TrueVIS synergy delivers minimal file set-up times, optimises the ink used to print your job, with zero RIP software costs as updates are free for the life of your machine.

Every element of your TrueVIS system has been built to work together in harmony for years to come, giving you true synergy without compromising on price. Can other print/cut packages deliver the same?

Don’t just take our word for it – hear why print professionals around the world have chosen TrueVIS printer/cutters to power their businesses:

Jordi Puig, MotoGPTM, Spain

“It’s the reliability which is key - our TrueVIS is always ready to print.”

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Joris Langedijk, Eelan, Holland

“I fell in love with it instantly, the quality is really very good.”

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Alex Liggett, The Vinyl Guys, UK

“The TrueVIS has been pivotal in transforming my sideline enterprise into a profitable business.”

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Discover the TrueVIS VG Series

  • 4 FlexFire Printheads
  • Ink Configurations: Dual CMYK, CMYKLcLmLk, CMYKLcLmLk+W
  • 1371mm, 1625mm widths


Discover the TrueVIS SG Series

  • 2 FlexFire Printheads
  • Ink Configuration: CMYK
  • 762mm, 1371mm widths


*1 2009 Q4-2017 Q1 InfoTrends Wide-Format Tracking Shipping Report

*2 TrueVIS SG Series available in CMYK configuration

*3 Total number of inkjet printer/cutter devices shipped from the Company as of December 2016

Functionality will vary between VG Series and SG Series. Please see product technical specifications for further details.

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Look around you. What do you want to create? With Roland TrueVIS print & cut there are no compromises as to what you can achieve.

Deliver vibrant, glossy prints and accurate contour cuts in a seamless workflow, on a single machine.

Stunning quality, unattended productivity, unmatched ink, RIP and device synergy and crucially, impressive ROI. TrueVIS VG Series and SG Series printer/cutters give you extraordinary versatility without compromise.

TrueVIS True Print & Cut Without Compromise 1

Die Cut Labels and Decals

Save valuable time by letting one machine create perfectly printed and precision-cut die-cut labels, stickers and decals – it's what the TrueVIS was designed to do. A short, easy workflow and unattended printing means you can work on other projects while your TrueVIS simply gets the job done.

TrueVIS True Print & Cut Without Compromise 2


TrueVIS SG Series and VG Series printer/cutters are equipped with innovative printhead technology to fire ink droplets precisely and efficiently to print consistent solid colours, smooth gradations and fine details – perfect for banners. This quality is achieved without sacrificing print speed, so you can maximise the return on your running time.

TrueVIS True Print & Cut Without Compromise 3


TrueVIS-printed outdoor signs are durable for up to three years without lamination - high colour density, exceptional image and text graphic quality, guaranteed. Compatible with a wide range of coated and uncoated media, TrueVIS INK dries quickly to accelerate production, finishing and delivery to even your most demanding customers.

TrueVIS True Print & Cut Without Compromise 4

Vehicle Graphics and Wraps

Whether you want to create full or partial vehicle wraps and graphics, the TrueVIS has you covered. TrueVIS printer/cutters are built for the fast, professional production of vehicle graphics with eye-catching colours and sharp contour-cut lines. Get the job done even faster with the on-board heater system that helps to dry prints ahead of lamination and finishing.

TrueVIS True Print & Cut Without Compromise 5

Window Graphics

Offer more with TrueVIS. The TrueVIS White ink option* means you can deliver high-impact print on transparent window film for full and partial window wraps and specialist solar control wraps. Offer your customers a full range of window signage solutions to increase privacy, meet health and safety regulations and create crowd-stopping retail and corporate branded graphics.

TrueVIS  SG Series available in CMYK configuration

TrueVIS True Print & Cut Without Compromise 6

Wall Graphics and Murals

Let's wrap things up. In fact, let's wrap everything up. Create graphics and murals on virtually any surface with a TrueVIS printer/cutter, from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. Imagine an office, a home or a shop bursting with powerful printed graphics, as durable as these environments demand. Thanks to the integrated printing and cutting technologies on the TrueVIS, it's also a breeze to do.

TrueVIS True Print & Cut Without Compromise 7

Fine Art and Photos

When it comes to fine art and photographic work, it's all in the detail. TrueVIS variable droplet technology disperses ink in three different droplet sizes to provide exquisite detail, on substrates from canvas to matt and gloss paper. The extensive colour gamut and ink quality provides eye-popping colour and sophisticated black and white finishes.

TrueVIS True Print & Cut Without Compromise 8

Posters and Backlit Displays

The TrueVIS is perfect for posters: a one-off print on speciality material, a run of thousands of stunning high-end designs, or anything in between. High-density TrueVIS INK is brilliant on a range of coated and uncoated media, including papers for posters and film for backlit displays.

TrueVIS True Print & Cut Without Compromise 9

Personalised T-Shirts and Apparel

Are you a follower of fashion? Personalised T-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, hats and even home furnishings are all possible on the TrueVIS. Print and contour-cut short-run, full-colour heat-transfer graphics for apparel and enter a lucrative – and creative – new market.

Inspired? Learn more about Roland's series of TrueVIS printer/cutter systems and see what you could create.


Discover the TrueVIS VG Series

  • 4 FlexFire Printheads
  • Ink Configurations: Dual CMYK, CMYKLcLmLk, CMYKLcLmLk+W
  • 1371mm, 1625mm widths


Discover the TrueVIS SG Series

  • 2 FlexFire Printheads
  • Ink Configuration: CMYK
  • 762mm, 1371mm widths


Here’s what our customers say about TrueVIS:

Jordi Puig, MotoGP™, Spain

Roland DG and MotoGP™- a winning team for more than 12 years.

MotoGP™ is the most popular racing event in the world, with viewers from over 200 countries following the competition.

For more than 12 years MotoGP™ has relied on Roland DG’s cutting-edge wide format digital printer technology to work at maximum speed to produce all of the signage and graphics for each championship event – from adding branding and decoration to the winners' podium, to placing ads along the track and customising the pressroom.

To achieve flawless graphics on any material they need in record time, MotoGP™ counts on two TrueVIS VG-540 integrated printer/cutters and three SOLJET EJ-640 printers.

“We need to turn around print projects really quickly and with very short notice” comments Jordi Puig, Production Manager. "We go from quiet times with low production, to periods of high productivity when we require the printers to run non-stop for more than twelve hours at a time.”

"It’s essential for us to have printing devices which are ready to print at all times.”

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Joris Langedijk, Eelan, Holland

Design bureau Eelan wasn't looking to buy a new print device – but it was love at first sight with Europe's first Roland TrueVIS VG-640.

Netherlands design bureau Eelan ordered Europe's first Roland TrueVIS VG-640 printer/cutter after seeing its show debut at FESPA Digital in 2016.

"We did not intend to make a purchase at the trade fair. We just wanted to have a look. But we were convinced after the demo,” explains Eelan’s owner, Joris Langedijk.

"I fell in love with it instantly," he says. “For our customers - such as photographers - we make limited prints which have to be top quality. With TrueVIS this came within our reach."

“Making a decision at the trade fair was the quickest way to get our hands on this new machine. So, I just did it. And I haven't regretted it for a single moment."

Joris adds, "We celebrated the arrival of the new printer two weeks after by eating beschuit met muisjes (biscuits with sprinkles), which is a Dutch tradition when a baby is born. We started printing and I immediately called a number of customers to show the quality."

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Alex Liggett, The Vinyl Guys, UK

The Vinyl Guys started off making motorsports graphics for friends. A TrueVIS SG-540 turned this hobby into a high-octane business.

The Vinyl Guys started off making motorsports graphics for friends, using just a PC and a small 60cm plotter cutter. After three years outsourcing all printing and larger cutting work, owner Alex Liggett hit the accelerator on business expansion by buying a TrueVIS SG-540 eco-solvent printer/cutter.

"The TrueVIS has been pivotal in transforming my sideline enterprise into a profitable business," says Alex. "As soon as we installed our Roland, our profit margins grew by a significant amount overnight. Customers also noticed the difference in terms of quality, which meant I could be more creative and offer additional print services."

"The difference now is unbelievable. I can print samples, test my artwork and turn work around faster, at a higher quality and at a lower cost."

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Scott Lukacs, Rebel Reprints, USA

Rebel Reprints set up shop next door to its owner's tattoo studio, creating a colour-critical niche with TrueVIS.

Print shop Rebel Reprints has a customer base dedicated to ink: it is located next to its owner's tattoo studio.

Tattooist and artist Scott Lukacs set up Rebel Reprints in 2010 to serve the needs of the art community in Orlando, USA. It specialises in printing limited artist prints, high-quality vinyl decals and banners, plus custom sticker and art designs. Its customers include tattoo artists and comic book conventions.

Colour and quality is key, so Rebel Reprints relies on a Roland TrueVIS VG series printer/cutter. "Roland's output is unmatched – our TrueVIS prints rich, saturated colours," says owner Scott Lukacs. "It's the closest thing to an art printer.”

"With the talents of our artists and the capabilities of our Roland, we see a bright future for our print production business."

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Discover the TrueVIS VG Series

  • 4 FlexFire Printheads
  • Ink Configurations: Dual CMYK, CMYKLcLmLk, CMYKLcLmLk+W
  • 1371mm, 1625mm widths


Discover the TrueVIS SG Series

  • 2 FlexFire Printheads
  • Ink Configuration: CMYK
  • 762mm, 1371mm widths


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