DSM-RTP Roland Texart™ Sublimation Transfer Paper

Roland Texart™ Sublimation Transfer Paper is a premium quality transfer paper for dye sublimation.  This uniformly coated 95 gsm paper has excellent ink absorption, quick drying time and extremely high ink release during the sublimation process.  As a result, RTP yields high-resolution, vibrant colors and crisp sharp lines and details.

Caratteristiche tecniche

Specifications.TotalCaliper 4.8 mil
Specifications.BasisWeight 95 gsm
Specifications.Whiteness N/A
Specifications.Brightness N/A
Specifications.Opacity N/A
Specifications.GlossLevel N/A
Specifications.Inkset Dye Sublimation (Texart SBL3)
Specifications.Adhesive N/A
Specifications.Backing N/A


  • Tradeshow Graphics
  • Textiles
  • Fine Art/Photographic

Dimensioni disponibili


Storage and Usage

DSM-RTP Roland Texart Sublimation Transfer Paper should be handled with care to prevent surface contamination that may affect the printable surface of the product.  This material should be processed and stored in an environment of 65° - 85° F (18° - 29° C) and 30-50% relative humidity (non-condensing) that is clean and relatively dust-free.  We recommend storing this product in its original packaging in a cool, dry area until ready for use.  If storage conditions are outside the recommended operating ranges, allow the material to acclimate to the production environment for at least 24 to 48 hours before use.