A closer look at a Roland vs. a latex printer.

Roland eco-solvent printers and printer/cutters empower your business with productivity and profitability that latex printers just can't provide. That's why, for over 20 years, more pros have chosen Roland.

Don't settle for Higher Prices.

Roland saves more. Latex costs more.

Roland eco-solvent inkjet technology is more economical than the competition in every sense. The upfront price is better than a comparable latex printer and the operating costs are lower. Take a closer look:

Cost of Investment

HP Latex 360 is
$9,679 more
than an RF-640
$8,979 more than an VS-640i


Roland VS-640i $23,995
Roland RF-640 $16,995

RIP Software Roland Versaworks RIP INCLUDED
Electrical Install to plug in to existing wall outlet FREE
Cutter contour cutter INCLUDED with the VSi
2nd-Year Warranty 2-Year Warranty INCLUDED
3rd-Year Warranty $1,699 for RF-640; $2,399 for VS-640i
TOTAL $26,394
VersaCAMM VS-640i
TOTAL $18,694

HP Latex 360      List price: $26,979
                              Street price: $18,995

RIP Software +$4,000 for recommended Onyx RIP
Electrical Install +$1,000 for installation of 220V outlet
Cutter +$7,000 for stand-alone 64" cutter
2nd-Year Warranty +$2,189 for second year warranty
3rd-Year Warranty +$2,189 for second year warranty
TOTAL $35,373
with cutter
TOTAL $28,373
without cutter

Cost of Operation

HP Latex 360 will cost $11,162.50 more per year*
to operate than a Roland RF-640 or VS-640i

* Based on printing CMYK, 8 prints per hour, 4 hours a day, 21 days a month.

Ink Usage* Roland RF-640 and VS-640i
$18,063 / year
$0.1623 / sqft.
Consumables* $242.50 / year
(wipers, felt, captops)
Printheads* $0 / year
(printheads included with warranty; printhead replaced every 2-3 years)
Ink Usage* HP Latex 360
$23,708 / year
$0.2130 / sqft.
Consumables* $1,440 / year
(maintenance trays)
Printheads* $4,320 / year
($720 on printheads every 2 months)

"Having technology like the Roland VersaCAMM allows us to be both innovative and price competitive. It fits right into our business model."

Craig Furst, AAA Flag & Banner

Don't settle for limited versatility.

Rolands empower. Latex limits.

Roland inkjets empower you to meet all your customers' needs, expand your product offering and grow your business like no latex device can.


Integrated printing and contour cutting technology gives you the power to produce decals, labels, vehicle wraps and more in one seamless workflow, with one device. Change job types quickly and easily, without the additional investment or wasted operator time that comes with a latex.


GREENGUARD Gold-Certified Eco-Sol MAX inks are fast drying, and include light black, metallic and white options for stunning effects that sell for an average of 30% more. Or you can spend 30% more on latex inks not available in light black, metallic or white, and do less.

"Our Rolands empower our shop to print, lam and wrap non-stop. The quality, versatility and low running costs let us say 'yes' to any job that comes our way."

James Naccarato, Iconography

Don't settle for stoppable.

High-productivity Roland. Time consuming latex.

When you build your business on an inkjet printer, efficiency, ease-of-use, and uptime are crucial. Roland quality and reliability plus fast drying Eco-Sol MAX inks allow you to go from RIP and print to laminate and install without delay. Pros like NASCAR race teams and nationwide wrap installers rely on their Rolands to produce thousands of jobs a year at the high pace their businesses demand.

With lower heat requirements and greater versatility, Rolands allow you to print profitable applications like heat-transfers and high-end displays. The result? Make more money, while spending less on electrical installations and temperature control.


Fast media loading and on-the-fly cartridge replacement ensure maximum ease of operation


Produce high-quality graphics with high-speed and durability


Say "yes" to materials like heat transfer apparel and heat sensitive vinyls that latex printers create too much heat to print on

"We have a latex printer but we prefer not to use it much. It takes too long to warm up, only handles certain media, and is a hassle to set-up for each job. With our Roland, we load the media, push print and boom - it's printing."

Phillip Yu, Gamut Media

Designed for heavy day-to-day industrial operation, Rolands are famously reliable and long-lasting, and come with a 2-Year Trouble-Free Warranty to back it up. The best latex can do is tell you to spend a couple thousand more dollars on an extended warranty. Do the math.

"Of all the equipment in our shop, the machines I wouldn't want do without are the Rolands. Fortunately, they're built like tanks, so I don't have to."

James Camper, Meeks Group

Don't settle for average quality.

Superior Eco-Sol MAX. Dull latex.

Roland Eco-Sol MAX inks deliver fast drying and vibrant colors that maintain the matte, satin and glossy finishes of printed materials, providing print quality that is noticeably better than the always-flat colors produced by latex inks.

Eco-Sol MAX, paired with media profiles available on the Roland DGA Profile Center, yield a wider color gamut than latex, allowing you to produce a broader range of colors, including better spot color matching.

Roland's superior variable droplet technology prints in seven different ink droplet sizes, allowing for finer details, smoother gradations and a less "grainy" appearance when printing lighter colors.

"There are so many other companies out there, but their quality is not as crisp. Our VersaCAMMs give us the versatility and high quality output we need to keep our edge in the market."

Thomas Wink, Virtuoso Graphics

Don't settle for less green.

Eco conscious Roland. Power hungry latex.

There is a misconception told by competitors that Eco-Sol MAX inks are not as environmentally friendly as their latex counterparts. This is simply not true. In fact, both Roland Eco-Sol MAX and latex inks are GREENGUARD Gold certified for low VOC's and indoor safety. The biggest difference is that latex inks use significantly more heat and power to cure, result in higher room temperatures, and only offer the same GREENGUARD certification that Eco-Sol MAX offers. Latex inks are also more per sqft. and less durable, making the case for Eco-Sol MAX clear.

"In motocross, some companies advertise that they don't use inkjet printers – I advertise that I use Roland because the color is outstanding and the inks are eco certified."

Jace Wade, Impulse Graphx

"Roland gets my business because they've earned my trust. Their technical support people are really responsive whenever I have a question or production issue."

Jace Wade, Impulse Graphx

With a Roland, you have the power. Take it from these Roland owners:

† Quotes from RCR and Outcast Kustoms are based on usage of equipment provided by Roland for evaluation.


"We laminate everything we produce, sometimes within an hour of printing. The Roland inks are durable and the colors are right on. Our graphics hold up at 200 miles per hour."

Nick Woodward
RCR Graphics Center


"The quality of prints from our Roland is outstanding and VersaWorks RIP is seamless and easy. We use our Roland on every job, it's critical to our success."

April Locklear
Outcast Kustoms


"The quality of Roland's machines makes our products look better. The equipment has to be there, or the graphics won't look good. We wouldn't buy anything else."

Jeff Burns

To learn more about the high-value, high-performance line-up of Roland eco-solvent inkjets, visit these product pages, or contact your Authorized Roland reseller.